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Hi Echo ... Why You Didnt Check My Apply Yet ? Im Really Looking Foward To Be In Your Staff Team
About 1 month ago

4 months ago
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Hi kwombae, Your idea was added to the 2.5 update feature list.  Player was helped ingame
2 months ago

Hi Danmonkey, Your suggestion has been added to the 2.5 update feature list, you can view this on discord.
2 months ago

Hey everyone, Players of Rapidz Survival were experiencing lag issues and ping issues. The server was extremely laggy at some times. To fix this issue and provide a better experience for our players, we are introducing dedicated hosting! Rapidz will now be hosted on a dedicated machine meaning a solid 20tps and an all-round better ping. We have been using this for a few days and everyone has noticed a significant performance increase and zero lag problems. If you have any feedback please let us know! -Echo
2 months ago

Hi Kwombae, The view distance is not as short as you think it is, it's not set to 5. The view distance is shorter than it used to be but that's because the server is over 60% more optimized than last time. Chunks load and unload as you play. Why is more render distance needed for you? We will have a staff meeting and testing to evaluate what is best for the servers performance and our players 
2 months ago

Ticket Closed Voting is now fixed
2 months ago