Rapidz Survival Rules

Rapidz is designed to be a semi-survival Minecraft experience with friends.
The Rapidz Server is intended to be a fun, welcoming and friendly environment for all players to play on.
As such, we have a list of rules that we expect all our players to follow with no exceptions

1. Content Rules

We will not tolerate conduct that is harmful, harassing, obscene, hateful, abusive, inflammatory, intimidating, violent, or encouraging of violence (including self harm), stalking, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable to the server’s discretion. This includes chat, nicknames, builds, skins, capes, and any other form of communication done through the server.
Examples of Behavior which is not allowed:

  • Being obnoxious in global chat
  • Discrimination
  • Overuse of bad language
  • Trolling players
  • Insulting other players in any way
  • Encouraging violence or hatred towards other players
  • Falsifying information about other players
  • Sharing another player’s personal information without their consent
  • Spamming
  • Talking about self-harm, or other deeply negative experiences
  • Non-English in chat - As it is hard to moderate and uphold rules in several languages. 
  • Using the nick feature to impersonate staff or free ranks higher than your current rank.
  • Advertising, this includes trying to get players to join your server or click links.


2. Cheating, Client Modifications, and Exploiting Bugs 

No Cheating, Hacking, Abusing Glitches, or doing anything that would be considered giving you, or others, an unfair advantage over other players in any way, shape, or form, or encourages others to do so .

The server allows the following categories of modifications, subject to change at our discretion:

  • Performance, graphics, and aesthetic modifications (including shaders and OptiFine)

  • Armor, status, and HUD modifications that do not give a significant advantage

  • Health indicator

  • Minimaps that show the ground level and do not show players

  • Sprint toggle
  • Using any type of mod is at the player's own risk.

All other modifications are considered unfair and will result in a ban. This includes glitching to gain an advantage. 
Abusing the referral feature such as "referring" existing players or using alts is not allowed and will result in a ban.


3. Alternate Accounts and AFK

We allow the use of only ONE main account and ONE alt.  Any players found to be using more than one alt account will have all of their accounts IP Blacklisted.

Using an alt or second account and AFK in-game is not against the rules. However, the following guidelines are in place to moderate how players use these to unsure no advantage is being gained over other players.

  • You may not use alt accounts to AFK at monster farms for you. This includes but is not limited to fishing farms.

  • If you're found to be using a hacked client on an alt account, all your accounts will face the same punishment.

  • All staff reserve the right to move a player to spawn if they're deemed to be causing unnecessary lag. This could be due to large entity buildup, Redstone machines etc.

  • You will be kicked from the server if you're AFK while the server is full.


4. Impersonation and Pseudo-Staffing

Do not impersonate staff or pretend to be a staff member. Staff members can be recognized by the bold prefix/tag on their names. 

We appreciate players helping other players, but please do not act as though you are a staff member.

We welcome and encourage gameplay-related help and assistance, which promotes community and an enjoyable environment. We discourage commanding attitudes and server-related assumptions/speculation.

  • Acting like a staff member
  • Answering questions you are unsure of (unless you state you're unsure)
  • False Claims about staff member friendships
  • Impersonating Staff
  • Pretending to be Staff
  • Using any bugs or features that allow you to look like a staff member (Nicknames ect)


5. Account Security and Sharing

You are responsible for the security and use of your Minecraft account. You will be held accountable for all activity coming from your account, even if you were not in control of the account at the time. To avoid any problems, do not share your account. If the account is shared and one person breaks the rules, the punishment is applied to the account, regardless of account ownership. Use a strong password, and consider changing your password frequently, and never share your password.

Rapidz staff will never ask for your account password for any reason.


6. Trading / Selling

Rapidz does not take responsibility for the trade of any Rapidz merchandise on the web store or in-game. Rapidz is not liable for any loss or fraud that occurs while trading.

We do accept responsibility for any Buycraft / Tebex shop purchases that are made and not received by the paying party. Staff members do not have any authority or ability to address purchase-related issues. To report such an issue, message an online staff to have your purchase issues reviewed and addressed.

Selling or buying anything other than items from our webshop (including things such as capes/minecraft accounts) is not allowed.

Mining Spawners for a player that is not rank premium or higher is against the rules.


7.  Farms, AFK Fishing, Redstone and Lag Rules

  • Any 0 tick farms, dupe machines or any other Redstone machine that creates a large amount of lag or duplicate anything are not allowed. You will be warned and asked to remove if found.
  • Creating any Redstone machines that are designed to cause lag to the server is a permanent ban.
  • AFK Fishing is not allowed and attempting to bypass MCMMOs Anti-Afk fish is against the rules.
  • You can only have a max of 25 hoppers per chunk
  • Don't keep excessive pets
  • Do not place useless or excessive entities
  • Redstone clocks rarely have to be run all the time
  • Hopper clocks, timers and lag machines will alert staff
  • Staff have the right to remove any builds without warning if they deem it's causing a large amount of lag or for other reasons.

8. Griefing

Griefing is the act of irritating and angering people through the use of destruction or construction.

  • Do Not build within 50 blocks of other players' claim without permission. (This rule does NOT apply to community builds and towns)

  • Do Not interfere with other players' claims in any way.

  • No camping claims to kill players.

  • No constructing offensive structures.

  • Staff will NOT rollback damage done close to your claim if you had the blocks available to claim the land griefed and didn't do so.

  • Otherwise, report any grief to a member of staff and we will restore all damage and remove the player from the server. 
  • Don't ruin areas on the map you're not using, this includes but is not limited to Creating towers, creating large craters and placing random blocks. This helps us keep plenty of spare space on the map for players to use, and means we don't have to reset as often.



All Rapidz Staff retain the right to kick, ban, or close access to any or all users of the server and related services at any time without warning. The Staff also retains the right to modify these Terms of Service, Server Rules, datafiles, inventories, and anything created within the Minecraft server, website without prior warning and are not bound to them.
Players that are found to be violating our rules may get their IP addresses blacklisted from all Rapidz Services. This includes our website.
By joining the Rapidz Minecraft server you agree with all these server rules, this includes Terms of Service, Server Rules and Privacy Policy.

Staff retains the right to edit the Privacy Policy, Server Rules and Terms of Service at any time without warning, although we do usually alert players when these change.

Minecraft Server Rules:
Website Privacy Policy:
Website T&C:

Buycraft Privacy Notice:

Cloudflare Privacy Policy:

PayPal Privacy Policy:

Rapidz doesn’t take responsibility for your actions on the server.

Rapidz has the right to ban you even if you have purchased a rank, without a refund.

Please note that everything on this list will get you banned, warned or muted immediately, regardless of your intention. You might, however, get banned, warned or muted for any offenses that are not listed here.

Your IP Address is stored when you join the Minecraft server or website for moderation purposes.

If you have applied for staff, great but don't send staff members messages or ping them about your application. Applications are not reviewed 24/7 and constantly asking about your application will result in your application taking longer to be reviewed and less likely to be accepted. All applications are reviewed in the order they come in and if it is good enough you will be scheduled an interview. You cannot apply for admin if you have never been staff on Rapidz before or if you have no experience.


If you still have a question, ask staff on our Discord